Welting is optional on all Cushion.com custom made cushions. Welting is a type of trimming that is sewn into the seams of the cushion in which the seam cannot be seen and is given an appearance of a piping or tubing instead. Welting can be made in either the same fabric or contrasting fabric colors. This provides a crisper look to the cushion while providing enhanced stitching durability.

Cushions made with a waterfall edge construction have a single welt option as there is only one seam. Cushions made in a boxed edge construction have double welt options for the top and bottom seams of the pad.

Disclaimer: Adding single or double welt trimming to your cushion can add up to ¼” to the dimensions on all sides.

NOTE: Sometimes during shipping the seams and the welt may be uneven. If the seams and welt are uneven please pull the seams or welt to make them even with the foam. The cushion may have a temporary crease from folding that will over time smooth out if you leave it unfolded. The foam may shift during shipping as well. Please see filling section for the information on how to fix the filling from shifting during shipping.