Cushion Designer

 Customize the shape of your cushions

With our interactive cushion designer you can create just about any cushion size and shape you can imagine. Get an exact fit for an oddly shaped sectional corner piece or create cushions with specific shapes for custom made furniture. Our custom shaped cushions are made in a boxed edge construction with no ties. For detailed information on how to use the custom cushion designer see our detailed instructions below. Once you get the hang of it, you'll see that you can create an almost endless number of cushion shapes with this powerful design tool.

Custom Shaped CushionDepth

Cushion Designer Instructions

Step 1: Width and Depth
The first step in creating custom shaped cushions is setting the overall width and depth of the cushion. Using the Width and Depth selectors, change the overall sizes of the cushions to suit your specific needs. (The overall width and depth size can still be seen in yellow even after a corner is modified.)

Step 2: Select Corner Modifiers
Using the corner modification selector, choose the type of modification you would like for any one of the corners. You have the following choices for modification types:

Square Corner ModifierRound Corner ModifierChamfer Corner ModifierNotch Corner Modifier

Step 3: Corner Modifier Values
Corner modifier values adjust the size (in inches) for any given modification type. Examples of cushions with different corner modifiers are shown below to detail which measurements are required for your corners.

Round Corner Modifier
The distance from the very corner to where the curve begins. Also the radius of the curve.
Chamfer Corner Modifier
The distance from the very corner to where the chamfer begins.
Notch Corner Modifier
The width and depth of the notch.

NOTE: When selecting a modifier value that is shown in red, our system will also adjust a neighboring corner to avoid overlapping. Therefore, if you have a cushion that is 20 X 20, you cannot have two neighboring corners with modifier values totaling more than 20 inches or our system will compensate by adjusting the corner that will be overlapped.