Ordering & Checkout

Placing An Order

Placing your order with Cushion.com is simple and convenient. Please follow these easy steps:

1. Select Cushion.com products by clicking "add to cart"
2. Click the checkout button when viewing your shopping cart
3. Enter your billing information (or click the Paypal checkout option)
4. Enter your shipping information
5. Confirm your order

How To Track An Order

We will email you updates regarding the status of your order including when your items ship.

Order Status:
To view the full details of your order as well as obtain tracking information, please enter your order number with your email address. Please enter this information exactly as it appears on your order receipt. If you do not have your order number, please contact our customer support team using our Contact Form.

Track Your Order:

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Ordering Fabric Yardage

Ordering fabric yardage from Cushion.com is easy. All of the fabrics that are offered for cushions and umbrellas can also be purchased by the yard. Simply browse to our fabrics section, choose your fabric and add the number of yards you would like to your shopping cart.

Payment Options

Cushion.com accepts payment through the following credit cards: Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®. Cushion.com also offers a Paypal checkout option which includes Echeck payments.

Email Confirmations

Cushion.com sends email order confirmations to the address specified when you place your order. An email confirmation for shipped orders is sent when your order has been shipped. Email confirmations are considered a part of our service, and will therefore still be delivered to customers that have requested not to receive promotional email messages from Cushion.com.

Errors During Checkout

Errors during the checkout process usually related to one of the following problems:

  • One or more required fields in the form were left blank.
  • One or more fields in the Billing Information form contained invalid data.
    (for example, an incorrect expiration date, or transposed digits in the card number or address)
  • The billing name and/or address you provided do not match the information your credit card issuer has on file.
If you have entered all of the information correctly and you continue to receive errors, you may want to try another card for your Cushion.com purchase - then contact the issuer of the card that didn't work to report the problems you experienced.

If you would like any assistance in completing your transaction with another credit card, please feel free to contact our support team using our contact form.

Lead Time

Our current lead time required for manufacturing cushions, umbrellas, slings and other custom made outdoor products is approximately 25 Business Days. This lead time fluxuates based on many factors, including fabric availability, the time of season and other factors that may influence production capabilities.

Returns and Exchanges

All Cushion.com items are custom made according to customer specifications, including fabric colors, sizes and/or other custom attributes, and therefore cannot be exchanged. All returns of defective products must be authorized by Cushion.com and must be accompanied by the proper documentation requested by a Cushion.com representative. Submitting a claim for defective merchandise must be submitted to Cushion.com within five business days after receiving the order.

Disclaimer: Please note that when ordering cushions, they could come folded or squished in the box for shipping. Since this is a soft product sometimes the foam and or the cover can shift during shipping. This can be easily remedied by unzipping the product and readjusting the foam and batting with your hand, if the seams are uneven please pull the seams or welt to make them even with the foam. If there is no zipper squish and smooth out the foam. The cushion may have a temporary crease from folding that will over time smooth out if you leave it unfolded. Cushions are like a new pair a shoe and will work out overtime. If none of this has worked then please contact support so we can help further. Cushion.com does not accept returns if the cushion has been manufactured correctly to the customers specifications and customer is just unhappy with how the cushion looks or feels.In our Material Selection fabric samples are available to help to make sure that there is no confusion with the color and texture of fabrics. We urge customer to order samples of fabric prior to placing their order for cushions or pillows.

DISCLAIMER: If the customer refuses to comply with our request for correct pictures of damaged products Cushion.com has the right to deny the claim or request.

Changing An Order

If you just placed an order with Cushion.com and notice that there has been an error, please let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE by contacting our customer support team using the contact form on our website. We can correct just about any problem with an order if we are informed within a few hours of order placement. After several hours, we cannot guarantee that any change you request will not incur additional costs if materials have already been cut for your order.

Cancelling An Order

Please notify us IMMEDIATELY after placing your order if you require an order cancellation. All items appearing on this web site are custom made to customer specifications. Once the materials for your order have already been cut they will no longer be suitable for use on any future orders. Therefore, Cushion.com CANNOT GUARANTEE that your order will be cancelled if a request is not sent to our staff within 24 hours of placing your order. If the fabric for your order has already been cut within that time and you still wish to cancel your order, we will be require to charge you for the used fabric and any post-processing fees. Please review our Terms of Service.

Custom Product Sizes

Because of the dynamic nature of the materials involved in the production of cushions and pillows (ie. Fabric, Fiberfill, Foam, String) we are unable to guarantee that the finished sizes will be exact. While all orders are made as close as possible to customer specifications, there are many factors which can change the size of the cushion, including sitting on the cushion. Please take note that ordering from this web site constitutes that you accept that all sizes are an approximation and may be off by up to 1/2 inch on most cushions. Pillow dimensions may vary by up to 2 inches.

When measuring the thickness of a cushion that Cushion.com has made for Waterfall construction it is measured at the center of the cushion not on the edges. When measuring Waterfall construction for the length and depth the sides need to be up against a straight edge. With Boxed construction, thickness, depth and length are measured seam to seam. The Boxed construction will have a slight loft, adding ½” to 1 1/2” to the thickness because of the fiber batting that is added to the Polyurethane Foam which is explained in detail on our Cushion Filling page.

Disclaimer: Adding single or double welt trimming to your cushion will add up to ¼” to the dimensions on all sides.

Defective Merchandise

Claims for defective merchandise must be submitted to Cushion.com within two (2) business days of receiving the order. Returns of any defective products must be authorized by Cushion.com and must be accompanied with the proper documentation as requested by a customer support representative. If the customer refuses to abide by our policies, we can not provide further assistance.