Measuring For Bench Cushions

Bench Cushions

Bench Cushion Thickness
As with every cushion, we require you to specify a thickness for bench cushions. Cushion thickness is a matter of preference however choosing a cushion that is too thick or thin could result in an uncomfortable seating experience. If you are unsure of the thickness to choose for your bench frame, we recommend stacking a book or two on your bench to get a rough idea of how thick your cushion should be.

NOTE: If your bench frame has arms, make sure that the cushion is not too thick as this could result in the arms being too low for the person sitting on the bench.
Measure THICKNESS of cushion
Bench Cushion Width
The bench cushion width is measured from side to side as shown in the image on the right.

Remember that you must measure the furthest edges of your cushion, not the seams.

NOTE: Boxed bench cushions tend to have a slight bulge on the front, back and sides as a result of the nature of the filling. Due to this, we recommend reducing the width measurement by ½″ if your bench cushion will be placed in a tight-fitting area. We also recommend reducing the width measurement by ½″ for each bench cushion if multiple bench cushions will be placed side-by-side in a tight area.
Measure WIDTH from side to side
Bench Cushion Depth
The bench cushion depth is measured from front to back as shown in the image on the right.
Measure DEPTH from front to back