Billing Information

Taxes By State

The production facility is located in southern California. State sales tax will be applied only to orders shipped to addresses within the state of California.

Sales Tax Collected is obligated to collect any state sales tax when shipping from a warehouse from which we make an in-state shippment. If the delivery location of your order is within the state of California, your order will include a sales tax charge.

Credit Card Charges

The charge applied to your credit card should match the total on your Invoice Confirmation email from

If you see what looks like more than one charge on your credit card record within the first 48 hours after your order, it is almost certainly just more than one approval. This occurs when your credit card company confirms more than once that you have enough credit for your transaction.

Ultimately there will be only one actual charge, and any extra approvals will disappear. You can confirm this with your credit card company.

If your credit card company does indeed confirm more than one complete and finished charge ("settlements" in credit card company lingo), or if you have any other question about billing discrepancies, please visit our Customer Support area and submit your question using the form provided on that page.

Payment is a custom shop specializing in manufacturing tailor made products to customer specifications. As such, we require payment in full for all orders prior to beginning the production process.