Astoria Sunset by Sunbrella: Ultimate Cushion Comfort
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Sunbrella Astoria Sunset

# 56095-0000
  • Brand:  Sunbrella
  • Category:  Stripe
  • Repeat:  8.87
  • Weight:  Approx. 8.0oz per sq. yard (271 grams per sq. meter)
  • Usage:  Indoor/Outdoor

Sample Available

A sample swatch is available for this fabric.

$3.00 USD 

Astoria Sunset by Sunbrella: Ultimate Cushion Comfort

Experience the warmth of nature's most breathtaking spectacle, the sunset, captured in our exclusive Astoria Sunset fabric by Sunbrella. This delightful design evokes the rich hues of a romantic, lingering twilight. Swirls of passionate oranges cascade into serene siennas, while dashes of mahogany are interwoven, reflecting the beauty of the horizon's afterglow.

Each stripe is a different shade of twilight, reminiscent of the breathtaking landscapes of Astoria, Oregon, where the sun meets the horizon in a fiery embrace. This exquisite fabric seems to hold a piece of this grandeur, exuding tranquility and warmth that can transform your space into a serene getaway.

Crafted specifically for bench cushions, the Astoria Sunset fabric is a durable, fade-resistant, and easy-to-clean material, ensuring a vivid spectacle of colors for years to come. Its soft touch offers a welcoming embrace, making each seating experience a comforting retreat.