The Inspiring Allure of Sunbrella Surround Sunrise 40584-0002 Fabric
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Sunbrella Surround Sunrise

# 40584-0002
  • Brand:  Sunbrella
  • Category:  Stripe
  • Repeat:  7.5
  • Weight:  6.5 oz per sq. yard (271 grams per sq. meter)
  • Usage:  Indoor/Outdoor

Sample Available

A sample swatch is available for this fabric.

$3.00 USD 

The Inspiring Allure of Sunbrella Surround Sunrise 40584-0002 Fabric

Sunbrella Surround Sunrise 40584-0002 fabric enchants with its beautifully orchestrated stripes, which encompass the hues of light blue, orange, yellow, grey, and white. The airy light blue instills visions of expansive skies, as the radiant orange and yellow tinges evoke a sense of awe-inspiring sunrises. With the addition of the peaceful grey and immaculate white, a sense of balance emerges. This fabric exudes rejuvenating energy, perfect for dynamic indoor and outdoor environments.