Shibori Indigo Fabric - Outdoor Elegance
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Sunbrella Shibori Indigo

# 145360-0001
  • Brand:  Sunbrella
  • Category:  Abstract
  • Repeat:  9 x 9.33
  • Weight:  Approx. 8.0oz per sq. yard (271 grams per sq. meter)
  • Usage:  Indoor/Outdoor

Sample Available

A sample swatch is available for this fabric.

$3.00 USD 

Shibori Indigo Fabric - Outdoor Elegance

Drape your outdoor seating in the mesmerizing Shibori Indigo fabric by Sunbrella, and introduce a touch of timeless sophistication to your decor. The deep navy hue interlocks with pristine white in an abstract pattern, reminiscent of the rolling waves of the Pacific meeting the sandy shores of a tranquil beach. This maritime symphony of color is not just a visual feast but a herald of durability and comfort, ideal for a plush bench cushion that promises to be the centerpiece of your patio or garden retreat. The fabric's design suggests the ancient art of Japanese indigo dyeing, bringing a cultural resonance and artisanal flair to your outdoor living space. Imagine your bench cushion wrapped in this elegant fabric, providing a serene spot for relaxation or a vibrant gathering point for social engagements, all the while resonating with the serene yet dynamic nature of oceanic landscapes.