Product Specifications

Product Availability

All cushions that appear in our cushion collection are manufactured per customer order and are always available for ordering in any of the furniture fabrics appearing in our fabric collection. While the fabric collection is updated regularly, we are subject to the availability of notifications provided by our suppliers. As a result we cannot guarantee that all fabrics appearing on this web site will be available from the manufacturer. If you order a particular fabric that is no longer available but is still appearing on our site you will be notified immediately by email.

Cushion Construction makes cushions in two different types of constructions. Boxed Edge cushions and Waterfall Edge (or Knife Edge) cushions.

Boxed edge cushions are constructed with top and bottom fabric panels that are connected by an additional strip of fabric between the two panels, making the cushion look more boxed with well defined edges due to the double seams.

Waterfall edge cushions and knife edge cushions are constructed with top and bottom fabric panels that are sewn directly to each other, creating a softer, smoother edge resembling a waterfall when filled. Thinner cushions with waterfall edge construction are also commonly known as Knife Edge cushions.

Cushion Filling cushions and pads are filled with heat-bonded, vertically-layered polyester fiber filling. The fibers are vertically layered and heat-bonded to create sheets of firm 100% polyester fibers that stand upright and support each other for maximum product life. The heat-bonding process uses heat to bond the polyester fibers together forming sheets of filling that are custom-cut and shaped to fit your cushions perfectly.

NOTE: does NOT use resin-bonded fibers which are often bonded using flamable resins that break down and cause cushions to become dusty.


Welting is optional on all custom made cushions. Welting is a type of trimming that is sewn into the seams of the cushion in which the seam cannot be seen and is given an appearance of a piping or tubing instead. Welting can be made in either the same fabric or contrasting fabric colors. This provides a crisper look to the cushion while providing enhanced stitching durability.

Cushions made with a waterfall edge construction have a single welt option as there is only one seam. Cushions made in a boxed edge construction have double welt options for the top and bottom seams of the pad.

Cushion Zippers

All of our seat cushions, and bench cushions and deep-seating seat and back cushions that are made in a boxed edge construction include zippers on the cushion covers. All waterfall edge cushions and all hinged chair and chaise cushions are sewn shut and made without zippers.

Made in the U.S.A.

All products are manufactured in the United States of America at the production facilities located in the state of California.